Virtuality Guest Series #3 – Time Wharp


Time Wharp, the man behind the BLK EP & one of the heads of the fantastic JASS collective, is our guest this week.  Here are his Virtuality tracks of the moment:


1. Gail Laughton – Pompeii 76 A.D. [1969]

from I Am the Center – Private Issue New Age Music in America 1950-1990(Light in the Attic) [2013]

Album of the year” –Time Wharp


2. Antonio Pinto – Percussion Theme from Senna [2010]

After seeing the striking yellow poster pop up on Netflix about 1000 times, I finally watched this 2010 documentary about the titular Formula One driver and was surprised by its Brazillian percussion-meets-Hollywood MIDI soundtrack


3. Laurel Halo – Ainnome

from Chance of Rain(Hyperdub) [2013



If you haven’t heard this record yet it’s definitely worth a listen, it’s techno” –Time Wharp


4. Dakim Boiler Room [2013]

I’m not sure if this translates on the recording but it was incredible with whatever they had rigged up in the room.

BONUS: Watch Evan, Anenon and I act a fool in the back thanks to LEAVING RECORDS” –Time Wharp