Virtuality Guest Series #1 – Michael Jukeson

Michael Jukeson blue


We’ve decided to reach out to friends and affiliates to help us with our fledgling Virtuality Series

Our first guest virtuality post comes courtesy of our resident DJ and sweets aficionado, Michael Jukeson.


1. Om Unit ft. Charlie Dark – The Road


Pure and simple, paired with compelling honesty, an incredible collaboration of efforts.” –MJ


2. bluezr – don’t care

Messy at it’s best. In love with this.” –MJ


3. DREAMS – Workout (Sanctuary Mix)

Yet another sophisticlub slammer by Los Angeles based Astro Nautico family, DREAMS.” –MJ


4. Pantree Owl – Crazy in Love (Beyoncé Cover) (Live)

Listening will do far more justice than any collection of words I might have to offer.” –MJ


5. Amos Anton – My Love

I have kept this tune as a personal treasure for a while now but I feel as though the time for sharing has come. Enjoy.” –MJ