Virtuality Guest Post #5 – Dane Chadwick


Sorry to keep you waiting – we’re back with our fifth edition of “Guest Virtuality.” This weeks picks are provided by Dane Chadwick, who recently reached 420 followers on Soundcloud. Congrats Dane!


1. The Beatnuts – Story (Pinky In The Twat)


“This one is from my favorite skate video “VIRTUAL REALITY“…Mike Carroll uses about 30 seconds of it, but it is dope.” – Dane Chadwick


2. ABI MANS – Sensi Bounce


My friend CAT 500 makes fuckin trippy/beautiful music. this video!!!” – Dane Chadwick


3. Sonia Morales – Mi Vida Privada


“My buddy James Roemer (GLOCHIDS) showed me this a long time ago…Peruvian cumbia! The song/rhythm/production is magic! Enjoy the picture montage.” -Dane Chadwick


4. Poor Sport – RiRI RN


This kid is amazing! He followed me on Soundcloud about 2 years ago and had a bunch of awesome shit on his page. He’s since taken most of it down ( :*( ) but the new shit he’s doing is hawt/cold AF” -Dane Chadwick




This track is insane. I dont know what to say… Philly.” -Dane Chadwick