Virtuality Guest Post #4 – Moist Ghost



For this week’s edition of Virtuality, our very own Moist Ghost takes us through his picks for albums/EPs of 2013. Better late than never ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


“Hello this is Moist Ghost / Taste Tester writing a blog post for Astro Nautico, the best and greatest record label. Since it is the end of the year, my Virtuality post is about my favorite music releases of 2013.” –Moist Ghost

1. Ahnnu – World Music (Leaving Records)

“On World Music, Ahnnu constructs murky jazz soundscapes that breath new life into old sounds. Warm, hazy textures steaming off a puddle of melted samples & melodies.” –Moist Ghost


2. SFV Acid – The Dwell (UNO)


“A hazy summer time journey that sounds like you left your old PC in the sun and the circuit boards melted while you were trying to connect to the matrix. Oh, and this whole album was written in Starbucks. ” –Moist Ghost


3. Busy Signal – Incomparable Talent EP


“A focused EP from dancehall veteran Busy Signal. Any of these tracks go off in a club setting and are full of raw, island energy.” –Moist Ghost


4. Dubbel Dutch – Cloud Club EP (Mixpak)


“Solid EP from Dubbel Dutch that finds common ground between dancehall, jersey club, and ghetto house.” –Moist Ghost


5. Migos – YRN


“Living in Atlanta this year you could see first hand the Migos rise to fame. Their influence is inescapable in the city, and their mixtape, YRN, is the reason for their explosive success. Every single song is a HIT making it one of the most rewarding and memorable listens of the year.” –Moist Ghost


6. Oneohtrix Point Never – R+7 (Warp)


“I’m assuming most people have hard this album by now, but I have to put this on the list because it is incredible! A cinematic sounding composition that arranges very focused, crisp elements in a loose, freeform structure. Another big step forward in OPN’s excellent discography.” -Moist Ghost


A.G. Cook – New Jack Swung