Virtuality #6

1. Mattron – Spills

Instant classic new beatz tape from the Yung Money God straight out of Long Island, Mattron. Grimy cassette textures over big basement drums, in a room filled with so much purple smoke that you can’t see 4 feet in front of you.


2. Black Jungle Squad – Black Jungle Radio

More double raw beat gum tape, from a West Coast state of mind. Perfect example of why Jeremiah Jae is one of the freshest, most exciting mc/producer/artists out there. Straight from the underbelly of the beast, with a hot joint on there produced by Lord RAJA aka RAJA BLACK.


3. Soosh – Colour is Breathe

Beautifully crafted, warmly textured instrumentals from Soosh, who has found solid ground in a liquid production style. The album will be available as double LP on Error Broadcast, February 25th, and features female vocalist Carmel Khavari on a handful of tracks.


4. Lotide – Iboga Nights

Continuing along this line of highly textural, abstract beat music comes GOK fam Lotide with “Iboga Nights” – a limited re-release of music made from 2011-2012. Sounds like being up at 5am, too faded to remember if you were going to bed or waking up… What is time, anyway? Doesn’t matter, cop one of these remaining CD-Rs and keep it close to your pillow.


5. Luxar – More

The black sheep of this Virtuality, Luxar arrives at the 5 spot with a lush, 80s style mini-EP, recently released on French label Juicy. Straight up-and-down, mid-tempo bangers that shamelessly embrace vintage synths and neon colors.