Virtuality #5

More virtuality for dat azz. Some serious sounds have been drifting our way over the past couple weeks, and it’s time again to share them with y’all.

1. Vlek Records – Complete Catalogue – Years 1 & 2

In celebration of their two-year anniversary, the inimitable Vlek Records recently released their entire discography Рlined with heady producers like Ssaliva/Cupp Cave, Wanda Group and Sagat Рfor free. We strongly recommend not thinking twice before downloading the whole damn thing as it is lined with fuzzy gems that will keep your headphones warm all winter long.


2. SOS – SxOxS

Tipped off to us by the multi-talented Starchild, for whom this Philadelphia-based artist has produced some tracks for (‘Gemini’/’This Night Out’), SOS is out the gate with an EP full of warm and rare 80s-style smooth jamz. Pour yourself a glass of champagne, press play in front of a fireplace and watch that blank wall to the right of you turn into a glass window overlooking Ibiza’s most private beach.


3. Big Voyage

Some of the most melodic and catchy dance shit we’ve heard in a minute, and Brooklyn grown! His profile picture on soundcloud is probably a better description of the music than any words we can think of right now, so press play and set sail for a course that goes deep into the night.


4. Kidnap Kid – Alphaville

So yeah this came out in May earlier this year but we totally missed it probably cuz we were still floating in the sky after Atlantics Vol. 2. Thanks to our resident Lost Boy, Michael Jukeson for the heads up. Catchy, superbly-produced dance music.


5. REKchampa – Self-Serve

In a similar vein as the last two slots of this Virtuality, REKchampa slides in at the number 5 spot with his new ‘Self-Serve’ EP, featuring his signature bouncy and warm 2-step production style. Once it bites you, the venom warms your blood into a stupor that makes you want to hit play again and again, and tricks your brain into believing that everything will be ok… when really we all know the apocalypse is tomorrow.