Virtuality #4

Back with another episode of “Virtuality” – virtually the best tunes in your spiritually virtual digital world.

1. Lemonada – Kelly Green Vol. 2

Wild-ass collection of bangers by mad Irish-man Lemonada. Footwork, hip-hop, dancehall, old skool rave, grime – he tackles it all, but with his signature palette of unpredictable and clattering percussion, FM synths and warped vocals.


2. #BBM – Volume 1.

A dope & eclectic compilation put together by the Montreal based party crew Booty Bakery. Featuring tunes from local dudes like Doctor Jeep andĀ  Nadus, as well as some canucks in Hesk and Ryan Hemsworth, it should satisfy your bass vices in numerous ways (I mean there’s booze, weed AND cupcakes in the artwork). Peep the teaser below and download it tomorrow:


3. Night Drugs

Through listening to the above compilation’s teaser, I discovered Night Drugs, a smooth ass production duo? from Montpellier, France. Their soundcloud is full of gold, especially the teasers – which I can verify fromĀ  having heard the full versions, are not just teases – let’s just say they put out. WORD! Here’s my favorite of em:


4. Feadz & Kito – Wettex (Cashmere Cat Remix)

As if this guy needed to drop any more hits to convince anyone he was on one…Mirror Maru is an absolute gem of an EP and then he drops this incredible rework of a tune I would have little to no interest otherwise and forces me to love it. The cat’s outta the bag.


5. Djemba Djemba – I Just Go (Remixes)

Oops! Gotta play favorites for a minute. The Melt-Affiliate and already big dawg producer Djemba Djemba just released the follow up remix compilation of his single “I Just Go” which came out a couple months ago on Jeffries. Featuring re-twerks by Falcons, Yung Satan, PhilipAlways, FootwoRk, and ya boi (I told you I was playing favorites!) it’s got some serious heaters for the dancefloor. And the trap kids will be happy…isn’t that what we all want?


That it’s kiddies – stay tuned for volume #5 next week (hopefully).