Virtuality #3

Here is something we tried starting awhile back that almost got lost in the dustbin of time due to unforeseen cirumstances and overall laziness. BUT starting now, we plan to bring back the Virtuality series wherein each week a contributing poster will share five different audio and/or visual releases that people need to know about. So, without further ado, here are this week’s picks, brought to you this time by Paul Jones.

1. Maths Time Joy – Hideaway EP

Serious music for serious people. Live For The Funk proves it ain’t nuttin to f*ck with, coming out hard with a second impeccable EP release from 22-year old UK based producer Tim Worthington aka Maths Time Joy hot on the heels of Jaw Jam‘s perfect Untitled EP which kicked off LFTF’s series of official releases. Download (for free!) and be happy.


2. Nangdo – Bootyleg EP

Yet another dope release from our friends at the ever-prolific and constantly growing Soulection digital label. This EP by Nangdo released in September is reminiscent of Machinedrum but equally strong in production quality. Enjoy this amazing free release and don’t be afraid to check out the rest of Soulection’s expanding library… lots of hidden gems in there!


3. Sweater Beats

Not an official release per say, but definitely someone you should be listening to. Having supposed to have played at our October ¬†FREECANDY event with Dreams et al only to have his equipment jacked uptown days before, we’ve got nothing but love for Sweater Beats and fully support his music. Expect to see him re-scheduled at a future Astro Nautico event and in the meantime, BUMP THIS ISH.


4. Full Service – All Stars Vol. 1

Brooklyn-based Full Service crew brings the late-night heat with it’s debut compilation EP “All Stars Vol. 1” ¬†featuring tracks from local artists like Dunes and Astro’s own Obey City. If you see these guys throwing an event in NY, you’d be well-advised to get there. In their own words:

“Full Service was born just over 5 years ago in a basement in Williamsburg. Since then it has quickly become the kiln in which new and unheard DJ/Producer talent is forged. While venues and residents have changed here and there, the core concept remains the same: no pretentions and no genre boundaries.

Full Service All Stars Vol. 1, the first in a series of free EPs, is a chance to take the dubs our residents and friends share with us and disseminate them beyond the ether of the dancefloor, straight into your home.”


5. Ventla – 100 albums

As fantastical as it sounds, there is – believe it or not – an artist based in Tokyo named Ventla who is in the process of releasing 100 albums digitally for free, and well on his way to completing this goal. Currently on album #18 with no signs of slowing or the obvious danger of quantity trumping quality, Ventla has been churning out warm, tape-friendly pop songs (mostly instrumentals) using a wide variety of instruments all of which are listed on the right side of his/her(?) soundcloud page. Thanks to Astro friend Ville Kamppainen for the tip.

Did we mention all the albums are freeeeeee?