Virtuality #10

WOOOOP! While we were busy funding our first series of vinyl releases with the help of all you lovely people, some incredible music was being released by our friends and fam. Here are some of the top selections.

1. Space Ghost – Patient Mind

In case you missed it, the homie Space Ghost just recently self-released this amazing EP both digitally and on CD. At only $12, the CD is a steal considering that it comes with a download code for an additional 30 previously unreleased tracks. With his signature broken drums and rich textures present throughout the EP, Patient Mind is in some ways an addendum to last year’s You’re There LP, with stretches of beautiful ambiance coupled with hints of a more grime-influenced sound from Space Ghost on the horizon. Check out this perfect VHS mini-doc on Space Ghost/Patient Mind by AHYVE here.


2. 813 – Espoir Voyage

813 espoir voyage

Neither being strangers to Astro Nautico with both of them having contributing two of the biggest tracks to Atlantics Vol. 3, Espoir Voyage by 813 set to be the inaugural release on Druid Cloak‘s recently launched label Apothecary Compositions is going to be pure heat. With remixes from our own Obey City along with young guns DZA and LiL TExAS, make sure you keep your to the ground for this in August.


3. Michael Jukeson – Addendum/Self

This dropped a couple months ago on up-and-coming audio/visual label Blankstairs, but being in the midst of putting our Kickstarter together we hadn’t found time to properly post about it. A piece of art that speaks for itself, MJ‘s 25-minute alien audio mix representative of his murky and difficult-to-pinpoint musical persona is couple with amazingly colored and liquified visuals via Blankstairs.


4. N8NOFACE – Nasty Funk EP

Our brother from another mother N8NOFACE (1/2 of Crimekillz and brother to Zackey Force Funk) recently dropped this syrupy 3-track EP that runs quickly but commands tons of replay value. With big booty bass dipped in codeine and drums so behind that they’re ahead, this is perfect summer music that invokes dreams of driving an El Camino under the ocean up into the clouds and floating softly back down into a lazy river.


5. Gossamer – Chaino/Ab-Mass


An amazing single that was just released on vinyl by our brothers-in-arms at JASS (Boston), Gossamer – who also had a release not too long ago with our fam The Melt based in Los Angeles – has here matched heavy four-on-the-floor tropical vibes with a late-night smoker’s theme, topped off with a relentless acid remix by Time Wharp. Buy it here!