Virtuality #1

Where have all the posts gone? Who runs this thing anyway? Is Astro Nautico just a pyramid?

These are questions you may very well ask yourself every morning when you look at yourself in the mirror. Due to the terrible power, mind-numbing speed and accessibility of the internet, we have been bombarded with so much good music being released at such an overwhelming rate that instead of trying to post every good release we come across, we have decided to simply post none of them.


The first of a maybe-sort-of-weekly series, this is where we will post some hot shit that we recently heard.

We straight up stole this idea from our dudes at The Melt.


1. S.U.G.I. – Boredom EP

Some chill. Ass. Beats.


2. Wanda Group – Get involved in my throat



3. Gossamer – Gossamer EP

Nice debut EP released by The Melt, in Los Angeles.


4. Baauer – Harlem Shake (single)



5. Mood Tattooed – Pirate Treasures

White ladder.