Ventla – For Human Consumption (ANC002)


Ventla is Shuji Suzuki, an enigmatic young musician from Tokyo, Japan with an unprecedented musical mission.

Hyper-prolific to the point of genius, Ventla currently releases on average eight or nine albums of original music per year, which has already brought him halfway to achieving his mad goal of releasing 100 albums for free.

What makes Suzuki’s massive undertaking all the more impressive is that none of the material is filler. It’s all beautifully produced lo-fi pop music created entirely by himself using a bevy of digital, analog, and acoustic instruments and masterful songwriting.

An innocent charm shines through on all 24 tracks of ‘For Human Consumption,’ Ventla’s debut LP for Astro Nautico. Guitars, bells, harmonicas and light percussion evoke the simple day-to-day pleasures of early childhood, recalling the initial wonderment of human experience. This youthful sense of play runs throughout the album, creating a spellbinding aura of nostalgia that is at once familiar and compellingly unique.

‘For Human Consumption’ is available May 20 on limited edition flo-green cassette tapes. Pre-order is now live via Bandcamp.