Time Wharp – BLK EP (ASTR011)

‘BLK EP’ is the first release on Astro Nautico for 21-year-old Atlanta-bred experimental producer Time Wharp.

Sequel to last year’s self-released GRN EP, BLK finds Time Wharp departing somewhat from hip-hop beats in order to flirt with more dance-oriented musical forms including house, 2-step and juke. But despite the genric flexing, there remains intact Time Wharp’s core sound: meandering synth melodies fly high and lush emotive pads run low on top of churning rhythm

BLK‘s tracks originated in Boston late last year around when Time Wharp decided he would relocate to the West Coast in 2012. Accordingly, throughout the EP there persists the air and sentimentality of leaving, perhaps best inscribed in the R. Kelly-sampled vocal mantra of single ‘yrLyf’ and the heartfelt washed-out cries of ‘mdat,’ a collaboration with fellow ATL representative Divine Interface.

On remix detail, BLK features a trio of all in-house productions from Astro Nautico artists. First, RAJA busts out of any of his previous molds, spinning ‘yrLyf’ into a deep house roller. Obey City then passes ‘BLK’ through his glitter bass dimension to generate a euphoric bouncing house gem. Finally, The Range chops up the already-chopped vocals of ‘yrLyf’ before cranking out the rapid fire 808 kicks we know and love him for.

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