The Range – The Big Dip LP (ASTR009)

Today we release ‘The Big Dip’, debut album of The Range. Real name James Hinton, The Range is a 23-year-old producer from Providence, RI with a facility for melding frenzied footwork percussion and melodic R’n’B vocal cut-ups to generate rich, emotional bass music for the bedroom and the club.

The Big Dip is a thunderous album. On tracks like ‘Distractions’ and ‘Blind Spot,’ sub kicks flip effortlessly between ice cold crunk and scorching footwork riddims, with buzzing snare rushes, cowbells, glass hits, rimshots, toms, timbales, and a slew of hand claps up top. The result is the orchestration of a totally percussive sound, as baroque as it is sparing, precise, clinical.

Having musically come up listening to mid-day shows on Baltimore’s 92Q, Hinton is no stranger to the expressive soulful vocals of classic R’n’B. The infectious cut up and repurposed vocal melodies on tracks like ‘Motivate’ and ‘A Solitudinous Diptych’ open up a warped pop dimension that is Hinton’s unique addition to the footwork meme.

Ultimately, in its icy synth timbres and machinic percussion there’s a cold post-humanity to this release, which befits the rapidly descending winter around us here in New York. The Big Dip is your new go-to album for breaking the highway speed limit in a blizzard.

Previously, Hinton released under his alias stegosaurus a full-length entitled cower on his own imprint Sqwal Recordings. More recently as The Range he remixed the title track of Kuhn’s Slime Beach EP for Civil Music and howse’s ‘bangsless’ for Astro Nautico.

Stream/download The Big Dip at our Bandcamp.

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