Space Ghost – You’re There LP (ASTR015)

The second installment in our trilogy of West Coast releases, ‘You’re There’ is the trailblazing debut full-length album of Oakland-based ambient beat producer Space Ghost.

You know you’re listening to Space Ghost by the drums alone. Shamanic bone rattles and shrunken head shakers fill the spaces between winding snare cranks and impatient muted kicks to form a unique hybrid organic-mechanical rhythmic foundation. Upon this grounding the album kicks off with elegiac droning synth pads (‘******’ and ‘Bombay’) and swooning vocal harmonies (‘Sneaky/Sensual,’ ‘Naps’).

But like the hands of a dying clock, You’re There is as driven as it is perpetually unraveling. Fragile drum programming and fleeting moments of weightlessness (‘Water’) herald the retroversion of time itself on ambient meditations like ‘No Phone,’ ‘BocBoc,’ and ‘Lack Of.’

The result is an album that endures and haunts and deepens with each listen: a head-nodding journey from our prehistoric past to our posthistoric future. This is the Music Has The Rights To Children of the post-Dilla era.