Smooth Jamz: The Ultimate Collection

Well, here it is. Been threatening to post this up here for a while now…in all honestly I’ve had like 90% of the tracks ready to go for about half a year but I slacked and then I picked up a couple new records that contained some last minute additions. If you know me at all, you already understand my devout love for smooth music and this compilation brings more, dare I say stronger, smooth jams to your collective musical palates.

Just like Smooth Jamz: The Definitive Collection (aka Volume 1), it’s all ripped from my vinyl and compiled to give you the smoothest listening experience possible, complete with “intersmooths” & all. But don’t get me wrong; while this is smooth it’s still all really good music from various genres & eras that I believe deserves to be heard.

So, in the spirit of having about a month left of summer, enjoy this over a few good drinks in the smoothest situation you can create for yourself (preferably on a boat).



1. Con Funk Shun – Images
2. The Whispers – Pretty Lady
3. Robert John – Winner Takes All
4. Intersmooth #5
5. Tom Browne – Charisma
6. Deadato – Never Knew Love
7. Starbuck – Fool In Line
8. Steely Dan – King Of The World
9. Intersmooth #6
10. The Dukes – Mystery Girl
11. Bob Welch – Don’t Let Me Fall
12. Jeff Lorber – Waterfall
13. Intersmooth #7
14. Michael McDonald – (I Hang) On Your Every Word
15. Larry Carlton – I Apologize
16. Bernard Edwards – Don’t Do Me Wrong
17. Intersmooth #8
18. Atlantic Starr – Touch A Four Leaf Clover
19. Special Touch – Kalalee
20. Intersmooth #9 (Outro)