Project: Mooncircle/Finest Ego Compilations

While I’m usually skeptical towards e-mail blasts concerning oft-dissappointing ‘beat compilations’, I had to make an exception for these two and HOLLLLYYY SHITEEE am I glad I did. Released by Project: Mooncircle and Finest Ego, there is a breathtaking amount (59 tracks, 500mb) of free, amazing music within these two compilations, with mostly European producers filling out the rosters, released last year and last month, respectively. Absolutely do not sleep on this!!!

V/A: The Moon Comes Closer (2010) with Robot Koch, fLako, Pavel Dovgal, I.D. 4 Windz, John Robinson, Lambent, Nienvox, Juj, Mr Cooper, MyOwn, Long Arm, Daisuke Tanabe, Graciela Maria, Scienz Of Life, Andy Kayes, Abnormal, Capella, Comfort Fit, Kan Sano, Gards From KC, Puzzle, Sense of The Q4, Sotu The Traveller, V. Raeter, Himuro Yoshiteru, Skyence, Dexter, Portformat, 40 Winks, Dela, Brazzaville & Killing Skills.


Finest Ego | German / Austrian / Swiss Compilation with Chief, Brenk, Dexter, Mono:Massive, Hulk Hodn, Captain Crook, Stroe, Hubert Daviz, Comfort Fit, Robot Koch, Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie, Quendolin Fender, Ju-Ar, Twit One, Suff Daddy, Figub Brazlevic, Szenario, Portformat, Flowtec, D-Fekt & Mr. Beef, Bit-Tuner, Feux, Kalifornia Kurt, B-Ju, Playpad Circus, Flex Fab, Ill-Luzion, Anthony Drawn, Hazeem, Minor Sick, XL The Red One, Glenn Astro, Frederic Robinson, and Willy Sunshine.