Photay – Monday (Official Music Video)

Official music video for Photay‘s ‘Monday’ single from the Sadie EP, released 3/25/16.

A woman’s dreary routine turns into a surreal mixture of movement-based public performance, inspired by a chance encounter on her morning commute. (Behind The Scenes:

Directed by Ivan Cash (
Produced by Sprinkle Lab (

Featuring Dancer/Choreographer Ashley Roby
Director of Photography: Keenan Newman
Producers: Rachel Barth & Ashley Roby
Production Manager: Nick Castillo
Editor: Blake Bogosian / Beast Editorial
Assistant Camera: Jeremy Wong
DIT: Brandon Tauszik
Colorist: Ayumi Ashley / Mission Film & Design
Sound Design: Joel Raabe / Mission Film & Design
PA: Martin Risberg, Max Claus, Michael Reiner, Andrea Lacorazza
Security: Ryan McCarthy
Vehicle Driver: Hajaj Alshammari
Featuring TURF dancers:
Johnny ‘Johnny5’ Lopez
Levi ‘Idummy’ Allen
Brandon ‘SlowMotion’

Sprinkle Lab
Beast Editorial
Mission Film & Design
Allie Stark
Valerie Petrusson
Jon Ettinger
Jacob Jonas
Yoshi Hedges
Conor Powell
Dan Addelson
Evan Neff
Rinee Shah
Haley Klarfeld
TURF Inc (