Michael Beharie – Voices EP [ASTR037]

ASTR038 jpg
For his third release on Astro Nautico, Michael Beharie utilizes four distinct voices to create a diverse and engaging EP. On lead single ‘Drugs Store‘, his own melancholy vocals drift over close-mic’d acoustic guitar, floor-shaking sub-bass and signature cosmic-baroque instrumentation, a glittery and intimate approach to post-internet song form. On ‘Queen Lear’, MC Le’Asha Julius of Quincy Vidal tears a hole in the universe with an electrified transmutation of rage into empowerment through knowledge and self-determination. The voice of Nigerian artist SARO slinks across ‘Reasons’ like smoke across water, oozing the delirious sensuality of late summer nights. Rounding out the EP, Marisa’s candied vocals float over Beharie’s heavy-hitting production on ‘Just Another Animal’, an unapologetically emotional drive into the wilderness of love.