Michael Beharie – Lace EP (ASTR027)






Lace EP is the most concise and adventurous statement to date from Brooklyn-based producer and guitarist Michael Beharie (Tezeo, Shinkoyo).

Throughout Lace EP’s five tracks, Beharie pulls at diverse roots, including Jamaican dub, African polyrhythmic percussion, global club, and classical guitar, mixing them into unheard combinations.

Single ‘Damion’ introduces twisted flutes and a winding synth bassline into a maze so intense that it takes a wall of low end drum machines, bell glissandi, and piano vamps to snap the track into motion. A galactic variety of sound shapes collide on ‘Khatka Stain,’ as soft uplifting choral ethers suspend over insistent hyper-rhythmic drum programming and crushed lamellophone loops. ‘Estella’ lattices intricate guitar arpeggiations over a ground-shattering 808 pattern before flipping elements in reverse, affecting the weightlessness of gravity upside down. ‘Cans’ hones in on the club, gushing with emotional honesty as deep as its infrasound kick, which is bound to find its way into deejay sets across many musical boundaries. ‘Cradle’ closes the circuit with waves of minimal synth melodies and shifting digitalia intersecting above motivated electronic drums, which succumb to enveloping pads, laying Lace EP‘s meteoric journey to rest.

Beharie’s previous efforts include the mixtape This One Breath and a score for Rashaun Mitchell’s evening-length dance Light Years. Michael produces music for artists including Diamond Terrifier, Alexis Penney and Bunny Michael and works as a studio guitarist for artists including ADR, Mas Ysa, Colin Self and Rush Midnight. He has made film scores for Laura Checkoway’s Lucky and Ben Greene’s Survival Prayer. Michael has performed at venues including Issue Project Room, Le Poisson Rouge, 285 Kent, The Stone, Zebulon, Bowery Ballroom, Matadero (Madrid) and Cafe De La Danse (Paris) among others.

The product of an artist who has spent years integrating himself into the local musical fabric of NYC, Michael Beharie’s Lace EP is a symbolic effort. Astro Nautico is proud to serve it up in digital format on July 17 as a representation of what our community cares about in 2015: an ever-reaching ear for what came before and a bold clairaudience of what could come next. Beharie will support the release live with a full band at Baby’s All Right on July 27.

Original artwork by Joery Santos Gomez.
Mastered by Sacred Data at The Cathedral in Brooklyn, NY.