Magical Mistakes – Cracks In The Surface [ANR005]

Magical Mistakes is Osaka-based producer and musical community organizer Erik Luebs. As a U.S. immigrant in Japan, Luebs has built himself into a community of like-minded artists through his Perfect Touch label and club night while releasing music on imprints in other parts of the world, including King Deluxe, Kill Quanti, and Civil Music.
The culmination of these efforts is Cracks In The Surface, Luebs’ long-awaited debut release for Astro Nautico, due August 21 in 12’’ vinyl and digital formats.
Cracks In The Surface is the product of a globetrotter. Straddling the lines between cult techno, krautrock and synthpunk, it expands the confines of contemporary club, electronic, and experimental musics in the process. Luebs strikes a variety of tones, from resounding and bright to somber and resolute. Inspired by the experience of losing connections with friends and loved ones, Cracks contains as many steps as missteps. Hard-hitting, insistent rhythms fracture and refracture, establishing new funks and unconventional shuffles, while bursts of analog noise bring a level of severity to the polish.
Previous engagements with Astro Nautico include a track on landmark compilation Atlantics Vol. II, a Japanese tour with Obey City, a remix of Kuhn, and the cross-Pacific compilation 7 by 7, for which Luebs brought seven Osaka-based artists in musical conversation with seven U.S. producers to remix VHS audio ripped from the films The Seven Samurai and The Magnificent Seven.
In the Internet Age cross-cultural pioneering is perhaps nothing to brag about, but in this category we have encountered few musicians as bold and perspicacious as Erik Luebs.

‘Cracks In The Surface’ [ANR005] is available worldwide on digital & vinyl formats: