Kuhn – We’re Gonna Make It EP (ASTR007)

Dear Astro Nautico Community,

Kuhn here. I’ve been sitting on huge news for a couple of months now, and it’s time to break it: I’m signing with London’s Civil Music to release a series of EPs leading up to my debut full length album in 2012.

My respect for Civil runs deep. I had already been listening to/mixing artists like Starkey, dÉbruit, Om Unit, Reso, and Kotchy when the label contacted me last year. Above all else, I recognized and connected with Civil’s penchant for high quality electronic experimentalism. Now, having gotten to know the label staff has me simply ecstatic to be in my current position. My music will be in more-than-competent hands, and I honestly can’t word my happiness.

Kicking off the series of EPs is some heat I’ve been sitting on patiently all year. Here’s a preview of my Slime Beach EP (CIV028), to be released on Civil Music Nov. 7 on 12” vinyl / digital. I’ll be doing a full post on this later in the week to explain a little about the amazing remixers involved, so stay tuned for that.

Perhaps my only big concern as I neared making a final decision on this record deal was the status of my relationship to Astro Nautico. Not to jerk any tears, but I have taken a lot of pride and had great pleasure in releasing material for free here on the mothership. Without the Astro Nautico cybercommunity’s overwhelmingly positive encouragement, starting right off the bat with my two tracks on Atlantics Vol. 1 (2009), I’m not sure I would ever have pursued sharing more of my music online, and the thought of becoming a professional recording artist would never have crossed my mind. Luckily, my position here at Astro Nautico is part of the attraction Civil had to me in the first place. I am confident that my new label will encourage me to continue contributing original content to this website at an undiminished pace.

Which brings me to ‘We’re Gonna Make It EP,’ a four-track free release I’ve prepared to pave the way for ‘Slime Beach EP’ next month. This album is symbolic. As CIVFREE025 & ASTR007 respectively, ‘We’re Gonna Make It EP’ marks the first point of communion between Civil Music and Astro Nautico’s catalogues. There will be a series of similar free releases here on Astro Nautico in anticipation of each forthcoming release on Civil.

In anticipation of the 12”/digital release of debut Slime Beach EP on Civil Music on 11/7, Kuhn presents a 4-track promo EP centered on single ‘We’re Gonna Make It’ with remixes from Magical Mistakes and Obey City as well as an alternate dub from Kuhn himself.

We’re Gonna Make It is a love song set in space. Warm vocals and guitar lifted from the solo output of Zombies lead singer Colin Blunstone are reconfigured around a halftime shuffle, with static snares, lazer blasts, and persistent lower-than-low subs setting the pace.

Kyushu, Japan-based pop bass maverick Magical Mistakes passes the original through constantly shifting acoustic environments, crunching through tears in time and space until settling into a triumphant, melodic finish, while Astro Nautico compatriot Obey City’s remix targets the club, reinforcing the original’s drums with a thunderous 808 workout adorned with glamorous synth bell glissandi up top.

An alternate dub from Kuhn closes the EP with a crescendo of Hell-broken-loose screaming detuned saws that releases into a peaceful, undulating reprise of the original’s celestial idyllics.

The list of people to whom I am indebted for helping me achieve this deal is indefinitely long, so I’m just going to focus on a handful of music friends who are directly related. Immense thank you to the wizardly Matthewdavid for giving me my first vote of confidence. Jimmy through Jon, thank you both for passing on the music of a stranger. Mark & Matt, thank you for imagining my place in your sound and reaching out. Thank you Sam for first pushing me to share my tunes on Astro, and thank you Paul for the mothership itself: before you there was nothing.

Love and sincere excitement at everyone who follows the developments of this site. What an amazing future we have lined up for ourselves!



(Bennett) Kuhn



PS – My website just went live. Blap!