Howse – Trakz EP (ASTR006)

Building on the foundation of his first two releases ‘JST CHLLN’ and ‘Undizputed,’ Howse’s new ‘Trakz EP’ exhibits all of his sonic signatures: murky emotive ambient densities are underswept by sub bass jolts and flickering juke-influenced percussion, providing a wholly unique take on 160 BPM.

‘Trakz,’ while distinctly influenced by the primal immediacy and broken soul of select juke/footwork tracks, holds much more beneath the surface. Low fidelity crackle, ghostly R’n’B samples, and a constant sense of drift, simultaneously unsettling and sedating, permeate this release. Backed by remixes from The Range, along with Astro Nautico’s Kuhn, Obey City and Paul Jones, ‘Trakz’ is both a product of dance music’s current trends and a foreshadowing of its potential future.

This EP is free/pay if you please.