How We Do: Moves Made

Been eagerly anticipating this one ever since Eliot showed me some of the early demos that he and Jeff (aka Jasia 10) had been working on. Known collaboratively as “How We Do” (or as I like to spell it, “Howie Doo<“) the duo dropped their debut record, ‘Moves Made’, today via Eliot’s label Old Tacoma Records.

The end result does not disappoint; this is modern funk at it’s finest, like some smooth airplane pimp shit. Full of phat synth bass-lines, glittery melodies & even some saxophones (!!!), it’s clear that the two crate-diggers hold their influences close, while simultaneously being able to transform these sounds of the past into something futuristic and unique.

If you’re on top of yo shit, you can grab it for free today over at Old Tacoma’s home page.

Check out one of my favorite jams, “You” below.

Eliot Lipp & Jasia 10 – You