French Express Volume 2

French Express is a great label that brings a really consistent aesthetic of warm, feel-good, dance music (plus they’re always posting bunch of dope & influencial throwback videos on their Facebook page). They just hit us up with the second volume in their compilation series, French Express Volume 2, which they are generously giving away for free. It contains a bunch of quality tunes from a handful of up & coming producers, but I think they can explain it better than I:

“It brings us great pride & joy to finally release a collection of tunes we’ve held so close for over a year. last summer, the label primed itself with fe volume 1. a year and one month later, we present volume 2…  a matured culmination of the original sound we first embarked on. designed for you feel good connoisseurs out there, you will notice that this is one of our most complex releases, tightly packed with soulful integration of all our inspirations in one room. to metaphorically portray it, think of riding the public transportation in a dr. seuss book.

Preview the tracks over at their Soundcloud & and then download them with the link below.

Enjoy your labor day.