Civil Music Sampler

Civil Music just made all of its Free Download Series mp3s available at once in exchange for an e-mail address. ‘Island,’ a Kuhn original off his forthcoming Slime Beach EP, is featured, as is his remix of Starkey’s ‘Lost in Space’.



1. Kuhn – Island
2. Kotchy – Falling in Love
3. Reason or Romanza – Sunflower
4. Debruit – Like D’s Bees
5. Starkey – Lost in Space (Kuhn Remix)
6. The Starlings – Sirens (Jeeks Remix)
7. Star Reso – Main Sequence
8. Om Unit – Prawn Cocktail
9. Darling Farah – Picture
10. Drums Of Death – Cold Lazarus (Drums of Death’s Club Mix)
11. Reso – Beasts in the Basement (VIP)
12. Starkey – Gamma Rays (Bricks VIP)