Dreams – Lost Kingdom (ASTR018)

Dreams’ debut full-length Lost Kingdom is like a vortex, inhaling disparate moments in the history of electronic dance music and turning out sonic pathways to tomorrow.

Formerly residing in Los Angeles, Dreams’ recent move to NYC is met with a shift towards a much more club-driven sound, but his retro-future sonic signature remains intact.

Starting at the street level, the album begins with two feet planted firmly in the rich history of house music and ascends to an unabashedly synth-powered zenith. Single ‘Over’ begins with doomy horn samples before flipping dramatically to effervescent synth pads, while title track ‘Lost Kingdom’ sounds like a SNES hardwired into a Roland Jupiter, with a soaring prog lead carrying the track to its climax. Meanwhile, tracks like ‘Ztar Curse’ and ‘Quick’ fuse the drum programming of contemporary hip-hop and the synthetic opulence of the 1980s.

Chicago, Detroit, Miami: the roots of this music spread across geographic boundaries to simulate a fictional urban territory in which everything vibrates at the fundamental frequency of a kick drum.