Dane Chadwick – Cool Intentions (ASTR019)

Hello friends,

We are proud to announce that our first release of 2013 will be an LP from Dane Chadwick, a name you may recognize from Atlantics Vol. 2.

Having spent years as a drummer for LA-based bands such as Abe Vigoda, it is no surprise that raw, polyrhythmic drum programming forms the bedrock of Dane Chadwick’s debut album Cool Intentions. These frenetic footwork rhythms are combined with smooth and soothing self-programmed synth patches to create a bubble bath of an album.

Chadwick is a master of building and releasing tension. On ‘Water Work’ synthesizers rush together and form waves of sound that build even as they recede, like an audible version of Escher’s infinite stairway. Tracks like ‘Dope’ and ‘vowelS’ on the other hand rely on rhythmic abstraction as the grid blurs and drums fall so far behind they are ahead.

The lightning rimshots, cascading tom rolls and relentless kick drums say Chicago footwork, but Chadwick’s sound is nowhere derivative. Liquid drum kinetics meet breathy jazz chords and warped vocal exhortations, bending the footwork template to evoke hazy California sunshine.

Completed by vibrant remixes from Lemonada and Dap Hound, Cool Intentions is an exuberant, confident and wholeheartedly unique album.