Virtuality #3

Here is something we tried starting awhile back that almost got lost in the dustbin of time due to unforeseen cirumstances and overall laziness….

Djemba Djemba – ‘I Just Go’ EP

Djemba Djemba – I Just Go EP

For those who missed it, Djemba Djemba (previously St. Andrew of The Melt) released a single EP with Jeffrees/Mad Decent last week with an…


Obey City – My RVM EP

Today’s the day y’all – my non-Astro Nautico debut EP, “My RVM”, is out and available all over the internet to download. It was…

Virtuality #2

Virtuality #2

  1. Young Mind New R&B focused project from Kavsrave. Maybe you heard one of these beats on Rustie’s essential mix???   2. Sculpt…


Virtuality #1

Where have all the posts gone? Who runs this thing anyway? Is Astro Nautico just a pyramid? These are questions you may very well…


M. Constant – Bugged EP

Yung badman producer M. Constant, who contributed a real whopper to our Atlantics Vol. 2 Compilation, has announced the release of his new EP…


Atlantics Vol. 2 Teaser

On Friday 4/20 we’re dropping Atlantics Vol. 2 compilation LP featuring a lot of our favorite producers and many more. Yeah, a lot +…


d’Eon – Music for Keyboards Vol. 1

Really lovely collection of lush ambient and new age compositions from d’Eon. Fans of Tangerine Dream, Suzanne Ciani and early Aphex Twin will likely…


Dane Chadwick

So it’s too late and I’m just buzzing around that website soundcloud with all the music and I happen upon this mix by LA’s…