Virtuality #5

More virtuality for dat azz. Some serious sounds have been drifting our way over the past couple weeks, and it’s time again to share…


Virtuality #4

Back with another episode of “Virtuality” – virtually the best tunes in your spiritually virtual digital world. 1. Lemonada – Kelly Green Vol. 2…


Kuhn – Kings EP (CIV053)

Kings EP Teaser (CIV053) – 12” Vinyl/Digital Coming Soon On Civil Music by Kuhn Buy Vinyl or Digital at Civil Store   Kuhn’s sophomore…


Virtuality #3

Here is something we tried starting awhile back that almost got lost in the dustbin of time due to unforeseen cirumstances and overall laziness….

Djemba Djemba – ‘I Just Go’ EP

Djemba Djemba – I Just Go EP

For those who missed it, Djemba Djemba (previously St. Andrew of The Melt) released a single EP with Jeffrees/Mad Decent last week with an…


Obey City – My RVM EP

Today’s the day y’all – my non-Astro Nautico debut EP, “My RVM”, is out and available all over the internet to download. It was…

Virtuality #2

Virtuality #2

  1. Young Mind New R&B focused project from Kavsrave. Maybe you heard one of these beats on Rustie’s essential mix???   2. Sculpt…


Virtuality #1

Where have all the posts gone? Who runs this thing anyway? Is Astro Nautico just a pyramid? These are questions you may very well…


M. Constant – Bugged EP

Yung badman producer M. Constant, who contributed a real whopper to our Atlantics Vol. 2 Compilation, has announced the release of his new EP…