ASTROCAST50: Best of Astro Nautico on Newtown Radio

Astro Nautico’s roots go back to a silly and serious Blogspot from around 2009 and a radio show run by Paul Jones at McGill. Radio is in our DNA, and we have so much fun doing it.
This mix is the latest evidence. Our 2015 show on Newtown Radio brought us a new chance to share the music we love. We were grateful for the platform and took full advantage of it to play really alternatively chill and/or hype music while sipping alternatively chill and/or hype beverages including beer, cranberry juice, and tonic water.
All the year’s highlights are included in this one epic sound file. There is no filter. There never was one. Sam, Paul and Bennett are at their best and worst. They’re so late, they’re on time. They’re so high on life, they’re dog sober. Really, all in all, we were just happy to be in front of turntables and a microphone. Thanks for listening — and Happy New Year!

ASTROCAST50: Best of Astro Nautico on Newtown Radio by Astro Nautico on Mixcloud