A longtime friend and collaborator of both Astro Nautico and VHS-obsessed video affiliates Paris Group International, Jono Mi Lo is an unsung visionary and brilliant creator.

With an unfathomably deep trans-medium library of work spanning genres upon micro-genres and styles upon virtual styles, he is someone who lives and breathes deep within the creative matrix of the internet, ingesting cultural information at lightning speed and refracting it back into the unconsciousness of your favorite artist’s favorite artist. Among many other things, he is currently an artist-in-residence at Babycastles, NY and curates the idiosyncratic Afternoons Modeling tape label. Please kick back and enjoy one of the headiest mixes from one of the loveliest people we know.


ASTROCAST49: Jono Mi Lo by Astro Nautico on Mixcloud



1. First things first – what is #postbae?

#postbae is not very hard to explain, it’s the space you inhabit after breaking up or leaving a relationship.

What you do while you’re #postbae is more where the meme takes shape a little more for me personally. I started using the meme as a way for me to personally embody a different range of emotions openly through social media. I felt drawn to the aesthetic of post breakup culture, their paradigms for men, masculinity and how fragile it can become. It’s inability to break through being socialized.

It became this metacognitive process for me to examine memes, image macros and the way they handle subjective languages and to continue to try to use social media as a way to perform.

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2. You’re currently an artist-in-residence at Babycastles, NY. Can you explain a bit about the work you’ve been doing there and how it’s been going?

Last year for my release on Hoko Sounds “End Of Light”. I collaborated with Cassie Mcquater on a video game and music single. Last year I also had the pleasure of performing at the space with some friends. I loved the space and felt like I could bring the game as a proposal for a premiere of some kind and would fit the collective’s ideas and space perfectly. Over the past year I tried to stay in touch with everyone at the space as much as I could to bring it there.

This summer while traveling in Los Angeles, I sat down and wrote my first short story entitled “Dawn Of The New Ugly”. It’s a work of fiction based on the collapse of the U.S. economy and subsequent civil unrest and closing of major infrastructures nationally​ it’s also a collection of demos from 2013 until present I’ve created using various Max/MSP patches I’ve used to make sound environments and glitch based arrangements to create sound collages from First-person shooters along with soundscapes from Science fiction, Horror, Thriller and modern Suspense films.

It’s paired with a Hypertext Interactive Website.

The concept site was created by Melissa Hubert,founding member of R/N collective in Vancouver, BC. It also will be printed as a visual essay by imprint of Taiwan’s White Fungus “Midwaste”.

I felt like this release would be a perfect fit for the space and collective and throughout a few email threads I discussed a lot of my influences for the story and some of their personal properties to me spiritually and some of my metaphysical uses for media and the artist and friends of mine who had strongly influenced the work should all come together, and a good as place as any is to get to know everyone and the space at the same time which is how the idea for the residency began.

3. Throughout the years you’ve worked with innumerable mediums at the forefront of creative technology, from audio to interactive video and everything in between. Do you feel that there’s a trajectory to your work in the sense that you’re working toward an ultimate mode of expression, and if so what might that process look like?

An ultimate mode of expression would be ideal. Right now, personally I’m trying to find a way to bring some dynamics to performance I’ve never experienced before. Last year in an interview with Tiny Mix Tapes I mentioned wanting to work on bringing together nightlife, electronic music and it’s culture together and the influence phenomenas like pro wrestling has had on me and wanting to explore performance more.

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4. In the past couple years the long-standing institutionalized racism, police brutality and economic injustices of American life have finally come to the forefront of social and political discourse arguably more than anytime since the Civil Rights Movement. How have these events impacted your own work, including the dystopian #dawnofthenewugly aesthetic you’ve birthed?

DOTNU has evolved out of needing to bring together a number of topics I feel personally all have some correlation. I’ve been fascinated by the theoretical limits of the web and dystopia. What starts out as hope soon becomes corrupted into a tragedy of distress, leaving only a sense of what could have been sometimes it radiates a cold and latent violence. At times, this disconcerting beauty emerges. The inherent visual seductiveness, along with its conciseness. By using popular themes such as violence, I tried to make work that generates diverse associations and have those meanings collide.

Institutionalized racism continues to go on almost seemingly unnoticed, it’s become such a subconscious manner,that the amount of time and money spent on dividing people is quite astonishing to say the very least about the subject.

5. Lastly, can you give us some context and description of the mix?

The mix is made of a handful of unreleased material, demos and collaborations between friends some older works:

Infinity Frequencies
Members of Silk Bless
Dj Smurphy & Jono Mi Lo
Kinlaw & Aygeetee Remix
LOL (myself and Party Trash)
Ice Sculptor & Jono Mi Lo (Brian Wakefield of Melted Toys side project)
Worthless Waste
Human Dogshit

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