Astro Nautico @ FREECANDY 6/7/13


Summer has finally arrived and we’re going in BIG for June. Sound sculptors Jaw Jam and dat boy C.Z. of the M|O|D crew will be supported with a special live set by G.O.K.’s Starchild & The New Romantic for a night that promises warm sounds, wet visuals and an all around life-changing atmosphere.

We will be once again firing up the Tsunami Bass Sound System in FREECANDY – a former car parking garage filled with street art, day-glo UV paint, a full-service bar and a 20’ x 12’ projection area. Astro Nautico residents will be holding down all the in-between sounds for the night and Paris Group International along with guest VJs 404FOREVER will be curating movie-theatre-sized VHS video projections.

We’ll also stream the whole night live on our new channel on Ugetme TV.

As always, you don’t have to be a music head in order to enjoy what we’re planning. Thunderous bass weight and raw visuals form a potent electronic cocktail capable of offering just about anyone a uniquely invigorating party experience.


Warm & Wet


Music by Residents: Obey City • Michael Jukeson • The Range
And Guests: Jaw Jam • C.Z. • Starchild & The New Romantic
Visuals by: 404Forever • Paris Group International


Got a question of any kind?

Want to pay $5 at the door instead of $10? Send an e-mail with your full name to

*Limited to +1 guest per reservation.

**RSVP list is valid ONLY BEFORE midnight.

Follow @astronautibro on Twitter for live updates.


June 7th, 2013


905 Atlantic Avenue (located next to the “Roofing” sign)
Brooklyn, NY 11238


Also if you missed it, here’s a look at what happened when Low Limit, Time Wharp & Dreams came tore down FREECANDY last Friday, May 3rd.