Astro Nautico @ FREECANDY 2/1/13


Coming up hot on the heels of our post-New Year’s reunion party with the original Astro @ FC crew, we’re back on Groundhog’s Day EVE with two of New York’s finest producer DJs – Braille and Octo Octa.

We will be once again firing up the Tsunami Bass Sound System in FREECANDY – a former car parking garage filled with street art, day-glo UV paint, a full-service bar and a 20’ x 12’ projection area. Astro Nautico residents will be holding down all the in-between sounds for the night and Paul Jones will be curating movie-theatre-sized VHS video projections along with guest VJ OPHTHAMOVNTN.

We’ll also stream the whole night live on Ustream for our foreign friends. (we apologize for the audio problems last time! they will be fixed).

As always, you don’t have to be a music head in order to enjoy what we’re planning. Thunderous bass weight and raw visuals form a potent electronic cocktail capable of offering just about anyone a uniquely invigorating party experience.


Groundhog’s Day Special


Music by Residents: Obey City • Paul Jones • Michael Jukeson
And Guests: Braille • Octo Octa
Visuals by: Paul Jones • OPHTHAMOVNTN


**RSVP list is valid ONLY BEFORE midnight.

Follow @astronautibro on Twitter for live updates.

Our bar takes cash only, and the nearest ATM is two blocks away, so please take out cash ahead of time. Sorry for the inconvenience.


February 1st, 2013


905 Atlantic Avenue (located next to the “Roofing” sign)
Brooklyn, NY 11238