Paul Jones – Broken Arrow EP (ASTR012)

Broken Arrow EP is the first solo release of Brooklyn’s Paul Jones, one of the three founding members of Astro Nautico alongside Obey City and Kuhn.

Leading a wildly eclectic release, stilted blippy opener ‘Bad Haircut’ pops off with a hard and slow hip hop shuffle under buzzing faded synth chords. ‘Supermax’ retools a classic by the band of the same name to create a Phil Collins-like roller with a cyborg twinge. Title track ‘Broken Arrow’ launches straight away into a rhythmically deranged abstract footwork beat before building somberly to a triumphant finish. ‘Y’ closes the EP by marrying a mantric 80’s vocal chorus and footwork-like hyper-percussion with extra cowbell.

Having produced and released tracks for years on Astro Nautico and elsewhere under a variety of secret monikers in addition to curating the inimitable FatDudes Tumblr and creating video art and cover art for the label, Paul Jones is no newcomer to the game. This is like an unveiling of the heart of Astro Nautico itself.

Being that it is such a family affair, the other two founders of the label have joined in on remix detail. Obey City’s take on ‘Bad Haircut’ ups the tempo and finds a new pocket for the original’s off-kilter arpeggios, while Kuhn’s version of ‘Broken Arrow’ turns out a buoyant agressive juke-jungle hybrid fit to back your next GTA and/or Mariokart 64 session.