Andre Wiken – Que Te Come Tiburon (ASTR029)

This summer we received a demo full of warmth and vibrant color from Oakland/Guadalajara-based Andre Wiken. Wiken is a globetrotter, repurposing fabrics around the world (Syria, Mexico, Turkey, Morocco, California, Bulgaria) to form boutique five panels and snapbacks via his Lower Park Hats brand. “Our mission is simply to promote travel and internationality by providing unique, one-of-a-kind products.”
Wiken’s music follows suit, weaving a tapestry of uplifting, communal vibrations without borders. ‘Que Te Come Tiburon,’ Wiken’s first single for Astro Nautico, features exuberant, soulful piano stabs and bouncy latin percussion over party-starting low end swells. Vocals by Jae Wheeler and Estef float on an aural river of vibraphones, defining a sound that is as classic as it is refreshing.
Remixes from Astro Nautico familia Michael Beharie and Space Ghost round out the single, with Beharie twisting up into a mad guitar and synth footwork-tempo workout while Oakland compatriot Space Ghost slides down into a smooth and syrupy version with trademark mood and drive.

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