Advanced Boi – Advance Yourself (ASTR023)

advance yourself 

Advanced Boi is a purveyor of progress. A scholar of style, he resides in a higher realm than most people and his main objective is to elevate the rest of humanity to his level.
Currently residing in Brooklyn, but originating from a small town in Russia, Advanced Boi was first noticed dancing in night clubs at the tender age of eight years old. He was dating a twenty-three year old woman at the time. By the age of fourteen he was fluent in five languages and had already amassed a small fortune. Then, somewhat abruptly, he disappeared from the public eye.
Having recently re-surfaced many years later, he has decided to spread his gospel throughout the world with an entirely new style of music. Through the genre of provocative talk, shortened to “Pro-Talk”, he lays out a vocal blueprint for becoming Advanced. Combining all of the visual and aural aesthetics that make up his essence, “Advance Yourself” is a lesson in living to the luxuriously.

Advance Yourself (Official Video) from Astro Nautico on Vimeo.