7 by 7 – Astro Nautico x Day Tripper (ASTR017)

This Friday (7/27) at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn we’re having a release party for our upcoming collaborative cassette release entitled ‘7 by 7: Astro Nautico x Day Tripper.’

An experiment in cultural exchange and sampling, respective music collectives Astro Nautico and INNIT/Day Tripper Records have collaborated on a transpacific project which finds 7 members of Astro Nautico sampling Kurosawa’s “The Seven Samurai” to create a track and conversely, 7 members of Japan-based INNIT flipping sounds found in the westernized version of the same film, “The Magnificent Seven”.

Erik Luebs aka Magical Mistakes (who has previously contributed a track for Atlantics Vol. 2 and remixed Kuhn) will find himself accompanied by up-and-coming Bay Area producer Giraffage, along with three members of Astro Nautico (Obey City, Paul Jones and RAJA) for the release party of this 14-track compilation, which will also be available on cassette this Friday, the 27th.

Cassettes will be available for purchase on Friday via either label’s respective sites.



Side A: Day Tripper
1. And Vice Versa – Mild Seven
2. Avec Avec – The F.O.R.C.E is with U
3. mfp – must fight
4. Magical Mistakes – Lower the Odds
5. Ryuei Kotoge – 7
6. Seiho – MAD
7. Madegg – Kaila

Side B: Astro Nautico
1. Kuhn – Even Bears
2. Obey City – Rōnin Strut
3. Space Ghost – Always
4. RAJA – Sharp No Wait
5. Paul Jones – Mortal Combat
6. Steve McJawn – Cotted
7. Time Wharp – しばらく待ってください


Preview a track from our side of the project, Kuhn‘s Even Bears.